Doppler Facts & Questions

1. How do Direct2Docs Dopplers compare to other Dopplers on the market?

Direct2Docs carries only the highest quality Dopplers on the market. All of the products that we offer are made in the USA and regulated by the FDA.

2. How does the Doppler rent to own billing work?

On the day the Doppler unit is shipped out, the credit card given is initially charged the intial rental fee plus shipping charges. The card is then charged the rental fee each month on that date until the full purchase price is reached.

3. How long does it take to receive the Doppler or monitor once I place my order?

Direct2Docs will ship your order within 2 business days if ordered before 6pm EST (3pm PST) Monday-Friday. See shipping page for more information.

4. Do all Doppler units come with ultrasound gel?

All Dopplers sold by Direct2Docs come with a small (2.5 oz) tube of ultrasound gel. We also offer a 8.5 oz bottle of gel for $6.95 plus shipping.